DUBAI/EXCLUSIVE: Jordanian actress Saba Mubarak has signed for the lead role in up-and-coming director Amjad Al-Rasheed’s debut feature Inshallah It’s A Boy – A Chapter From The Fabled Life Of Nawal.

The dark comedy revolves the madcap journey of a recent widow who has two weeks to conceive a male child to stop her in-laws taking possession of her home.

“Amjad is a very talented young director with a fresh and new perspective,” said Mubarak. “His script is different and twisted and tackles a difficult issue in a crazy way. It talks about the position of women in a way that is brave and unusual for an Arab director.”

Mubarak’s credits include Transit Cities (2010) and several Egyptian TV series including Afrah AlQoba. She also stars in Turkish director Andac Haznedaroglu’s upcoming The Guest.

Al-Rasheed, who has been selected for the inaugural edition of Screen’s Arab Stars of Tomorrow, will premiere his short film The Parrot, co-directed with Darin J Sallam, in DIFF’s Muhr Short competition today.

Inshallah It’s A Boy has already won the backing of Jordan’s Royal Film Commission (RFC) and is being produced by Diala Al Raie and Ayah Jardaneh.