Ramanand Sagar's Sagar Entertainment plans to launch India's first pay-per-view broadband entertainment portal within the next two months.

The company, which is investing $3m in the project, is in the process of acquiring bandwidth spread across Europe, US and South-East Asia, in order to provide high-quality streaming to global audiences. The portal will offer monthly membership for unlimited viewing of video content, a pay-per-view option and purchase of digital video in the Windows Media Format.

Sagar has 2,200 hours of programming including popular mythological serials including Ramayana, Shri Krishna and Jai Ganga Maiya.

Meanwhile, Sagar is teaming up with Indonesian production company Parkit Films to co-produce a 104-episode love story between an Indian prince and an Indonesian princess. The company is also setting up a film city and studio in Baroda on 40 acres of land at an investment of $10m.