Arthur Kananack, thewell-known and well-liked film and TV sales veteran, died in Los Angeles lastweek. He most recently was head of his own company Arthur Kananack &Associates (AKA) which he ran with his two sons Michael and Claude in LosAngeles and New York. They will continue to run the company.

Born in 1933, he started inthe business in the 60s as a theatrical lawyer living and working in New YorkCity and London where he was primarily involved in business affairs for 20thCentury Fox, CMA and ABC TV. In 1972, he was named vice president, businessaffairs, Europe, for Warner Bros based in London. He was responsible for allbusiness affairs and administration for Warner's TV distribution divisionfor both the domestic and international markets.

On his return to the US, hebecame president of ITC Entertainment where he ran worldwide TV sales andnegotiated a production/acquisition agreement with HBO. After five years atITC, he moved over to Viacom where he was president of Viacom Pictures, aninternational theatrical and video sales department which he also created.