Oscar-winning Italian director Gabriele Salvatoresis lining up a big-budget international feature about a ship's last voyage,entitled Cargo.

The film, which Salvatores iscurrently writing with Umberto Contarello, isinspired by the true story of an Indian beach where old ships lie abandoned.

The picture will focus on one ship's last voyage, across the sea from Indiato Ireland.

Producer Maurizio Totti, who is Salvatores' long-time associate, is producing theadventure-drama, which is being planned as a big-budget internationalco-production.

Totti hopes the film will go intoproduction in September 2006. Shooting locations and casting are not yetdecided.

Salvatores won a best-foreignOscar for his 1992 comedy Mediterraneo. Recent credits include Quo Vadis Baby', a noir detectivethriller, and international box office hit, I'mNot Scared, a thriller about a young boy in a desolate Southern Italianvillage who finds out that his parents are involved in a child's kidnapping.