Shooting on Two-Legged Horse, Samira Makhmalbaf's latest feature, will resume soon in an undisclosed location, she announced at Cannes. Her first feature in five years came to an abrupt end on March 28 when an extra threw a handheld bomb into the northern Afghanistan-based set.

In Cannes with her father Mohsen, scriptwriter and producer of the film, Samira related how the bomb severely injured six members of the cast and crew as well as a number of extras on the set (and killed a horse).

The attack took place on the 40th day of the shoot, with 85% of the shoot complete, and while Makhmalbaf father and daughter remain determined to finish the film, they were reluctant to say where and when the shoot will continue - in part for security reasons - although they are under pressure to complete shooting before the child stars start to grow up.

Mohsen Makhmalbaf, now resident in France, maintained that he believed that the bomb was thrown by an Iranian extra - and that international security forces told him the source was 80% likely to be Iranian, 20% Taliban.

The explosion was caught on 35mm film by Samira's sister Hana, making a documentary about the production, the story of the relationship between a young boy, the son of a prostitute, and the disabled child he carries back and forth to school.

A co-production between the Makhmalbaf Film House and Wild Bunch, the original script was turned down by Tehran's Censorship Committee who admired the 'beauty' of the script but said that they had a problem with greenlighting any Makmalbaf family productions.