A selection offilms from this year's San Francisco International Film Festival will screen atthe 25th International Film Festival of New Latin American Cinema inHavana, Cuba which takes place Dec 2-12.

The filmsselected are Lost Boys Of Sudan and The Weather Underground which are both shortlisted for this year's Academy Award, HeartOf The Sea: Kapolioka'Ehukai, Whale Rider and The Man Of The Year.

In 2001, SanFrancisco executive director Roxanne Messina Captor and director of programmingLinda Blackaby expanded the Latin American programming at the festival andinvited Havana festival director Ivan Giroud to join the international advisoryboard. Giroud has now repaid the invitation.

Messina Captorand Blackaby will travel to Havana with colleague Miguel Pendas and film-makersMegan Mylan (Lost Boys Of Sudan), Charlotte Lagarde (Heart Of The Sea), Sam Green (The Weather Underground), Bill Siegel (The WeatherUnderground) and CarrieLozano (The Weather Undergound).