Six political themeddocumentaries - including Oliver Stone's Looking For Fidel and BasqueCountry-set Persecuted - have been invited to screenat nextmonth's San Sebastian International Film Festival (Sept 17-25) as part of itsOpen Zone (Zabaltegi) section

The festival also has addedfive new films, four of them documentaries, to its Latin Horizons sidebar, allout of competition, including Maria de Medeiros' Cannes-set interviews withfilmmakers and critics about their attitudes toward one another, Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus.

Of special relevance locallyamong the Zabaletgi special screenings is Eterio Ortega's Persecuted (Perseguidos),which looks at Basques living under the threat of death. It should elicit muchattention following last year's controversial screening of Julio Medem's TheBasque Ball about Basque identity and the fight for independence.

In Looking For Fidel,Stone travels back to Cuba after his earlier work Comandante to confrontCastro on his government's crackdown on dissidents. Carlo Gabriel Nero's TheFever is based on the Wallace Shawn monologue and stars Vanessa Redgrave asa wealthy woman inspired by her travels to reflect on the privileges of herlife in the west.

Benjamin Avila's Nietos(Memory And Identity) talks to families searching for children whodisappeared in Argentina following the military coup of 1976; Cerca De Ti isa collaborative effort of short films tackling Unicef priority issues such asAIDS and violence against children; and Manuel Palacios' Rejas En La Memoriainvestigates forced labour camps in the Spanish Civil War.

The Latin Horizons specialscreeners include: Montxo Armendariz's Escenario Movil about the fadingtradition of mobile theatre performances; former Golden Shell winner fromBolivia, Jorge Sanjines' Los Hijos Del Ultimo Jardin, a RobinHood tale of the robbery from a corrupt politicians' mansion; Jose MariaBerzosa's Pinochet And His Three Generals, a re-edition of his earlierwork on Chilean history; and Juan Miguel Gutierrez's experimental feature TabulaRasa.