The Donostia-SanSebastian International Film Festival (Sept 21-30) has released the line-up ofits year-in-production Latin Horizons dual showcases of Spanish cinema, Made inSpain, and Latin American films, Horizons Selection.

The competitive Horizons sectionhas a best film prize, which comes with a purse of $23,100 (Euros 18,000).Sixteen films have been selected, including 10 alumni of the Films in Progressinitiative.

Three films come from Mexico: Francisco Vargas Quevedo'sEl Violin, which won a best actorprize in Un Certain Regard at Cannes this year; Javier Patron Fox's big-city ensembledrama Fuera Del Cielo;and Daniel Gruener's Morirse En Domingo, a black comedy featuring a cadaver.

Three more films come fromBrazil: Ricardo Elias' Os 12 Trabalhos, about a young boy trying to fly straightafter time spent in a reformatory; Marcelo Santiago's Dancing In Utopia (Sonhos E Desejos), a 1970s-set story of three revolutionarieswho share their life's dreams while confined in an apartment; and Diego de la Texera's Meteoro, a magical tale about hope in desperatecircumstances in rural 1960s Brazil.

From Chile are Oscar Cardenas Navarro's Rabia, shot in two days withunprofessional actors and also screened in Locarno, and Alfonso Gazitua Gaete's El Rey De San Gregorio, a documentary-like film about lovebetween two handicapped people which also screened in Miami.

Ecuador's Anahi Hoeneisenand Daneil Andrade co-directed Esas No Son Penas, which turns on a group offemale friends who gather for a revealing dinner. Martin Boulocq'sLo Mas Bonito YMis Mejores Anos is a Bolivian-US co-production about two friendswho are a little lost in life. Camila Guzman Urzua's documentary ElTelon De Azucar is aFrance-Cuba-Spain production about the director's own eye-opening return to herchildhood home of Cuba.

The remaining five films allhave Argentinean backing: Rodrigo Moreno's ElCustodio, an intimate portrait of a politician'sbodyguard which competed in Berlin; Alexis dos Santos' Glue (Historia AdolescenteEn Medio De La Nada), a coming-of-age tale whichalso screened in Rotterdam and Buenos Aires; Manuel Nieto's Rotterdam VPROTiger Award-winner La Perrera;Marcelo Pavan's LaPunta Del Diablo, about a neurosurgeon who discovers he has a malignant tumor; and Enrique Gabriel's Suspiros Del Corazon, about a businessman who goes undercover to obtain hisnext month's horoscope.

Roman Chalbaud'sEl Caracazo,a special screening in this section, is set on the day in 2002 when the stateof Venezuela was ordered to pay indemnities to all of the victimsand their relatives of the social massacre on February 27, 1989.

Made in Spain will showcasemore than two dozen of the best Spanish films of the year, ranging from localbox office hit The 2 Sides Of The Bed(Los 2 Lados De La Casa) to internationallyrecognized titles like Pedro Almodovar's Volver and IsabelCoixet's TheSecret Life Of Words starring Tim Robbins.