To celebrate its 50th anniversary edition, the San Sebastian International Film Festival (Sept 19-28) will present three, rather than the usual two, lifetime achievement Donostia Awards this year to Jessica Lange, Dennis Hopper and Bob Hoskins.

The six-time Academy Award-nominated actress Lange is recognised for her work in classic films like King Kong, All That Jazz, and Tootsie, as well as more recent works such as Prozac Nation and Masked & Anonymous.

Referring to Hopper a "mythical figure concentrating the desires, frustrations, hopes and failures of a generation who see themselves reflected," the festival award recognises his prolific dual career as actor and director.

British actor Hoskins' international renown got a jumpstart with his role in Neil Jordan's 1986 film Mona Lisa, for which he won a Best Actor prize at Cannes, but his career spans more than three decades and includes two films as director: The Raggedy Rawney (1987) and Rainbow (1995).