Seven unfinished projects from Latin American film makers will be presented in this year’s Films In Progress section at San Sebastian, including Gael Garcia Bernal collaborator Kyzza Terrazas’ directorial debut The Language of The Machetes (El Lenguaje De Los Machetes).

Terraza follows up her script for Bernal’s directorial debut Deficit with her own drama which revolves around a young Mexican couple, one a musician, the other an activist, who fight against the injustices of society, leading to a dramatic act of sabotage. Andres Almeida (Y Tu Mama Tambien) and Jessy Bulbo star.

The other entrants this year are also predominantly directorial debuts, including Colombian director Gabriel Rojas Vera’s drama Karen Llora En Un Bus about a woman (Ángela Carrizosa) who struggles to completely change her life after 10 years of marriage; Bernardo Arellano’s Mexican drama Entre La Noche Y El Dia about a lonely autistic boy who hides in the woods; Guatemalan Sergio Ramirez’s Distancia about a man returning to see his daughter 20 years after she was kidnapped by the army; and Iría Gómez Concheiro’s Mexican drama Asalto Al Cine, which follows four friends attempting to attack a local cinema.

There are also two Colombian directors promoting their second features. Carlos Moreno’s follow up to his award winning drama Dog Eat Dog is titled Todos Tus Muertos and is about a farmer who finds a load of corpses in his fields on the eve of local mayoral elections, but is forced to keep quiet, and Chilean directing duo José Luis Sepúlveda and Carolina Adriazola arrive with Mitomana about an obsessive actress torn between the truth and lies, following their debut film El Pejesapo.    

A total of 97 films from 19 countries were submitted this year to Films In Progress, which is considered one of the key draws of San Sebastian, attracting the industry attendees from the likes of Paramount Pictures International, The Weinstein Company, Bavaria and Wild Bunch. Previous entrants include Sebastian Silva’s Sundance winner The Maid and Tristan Bauer’s Goya award winning Blessed By Fire.