The San Sebastian International Film Festival (Sept 20-29) has unveiled the 21 titles set to compete for the Euros150,000 (pts25m) New Directors Award.

Three of the films will compete in the Official Section, including: Lantana (Ray Lawrence, Australia), Magonia (Ineke Smits, Holland) and The Warrior (Asif Kapadia, United Kingdom).

The remaining 18 films from first- or second-time directors will make up the New Directors section of the festival's Open Zone (Zabaltegi). They include:

Absolute Hundred (Srdan Golubovic, Yugoslavia)
Adrift (Michael Van Jaarsveld, Holland)
Asuddelsole (Pasquale Marrazzo, Italy)
L'Attente Des Femme (Naguel Belouad, France-Algiers)
Autrement (Christophe Otzenberger, France)
The Bank (Robert Connolly, Australia)
Streeters (De La Calle) (Gerardo Tort, Mexico)
Elling (Me, My Friend And I) (Peter Naess, Norway)
Last Ball (Peter Callahan, USA)
Parallel Worlds (Paralelni Svety) Petr Vaclav, Czech Republic
Point Of View (P.O.V.) (Tomas Gislason, Denmark)
Le Prix Du Pardon (Mansour Sora Wade, France-Senegal)
Savages (Salvajes) (Carlos Molinero, Spain)
Silent Storm (Stiller Sturm) (Tomasz Thomson, Germany)
Stranded (Naufragos) (Luna, Spain)
El Sueno Del Caiman (Beto Gomez, Mexico-Spain)
Un Perro Llamado Dolor (Luis Eduardo Aute, Spain)
Private Lives (Vidas Privadas) (Fito Páez, Argentina-Spain)