Pan-Scandinavian distributor also cancels contract with Warner Bros for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

”To adapt to dramatically changed conditions in the film distribution market,” Sandrew Metronome - a leading pan-Scandinavian distributor, releasing app 30 titles annually adding Warner Bros product – has cancelled its contract with Warner for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.
According to CoB Göran E Larsson, the reorganisation will involve 20 full-time positions in the four Nordic countries. In Denmark Sandrew Metronome Danmark will close its threatrical distribution, for five years headed by Frederik Juul, who will then leave the company.
”At least we are not being shut because of our performance, which we are proud of,” said Juul, who most recently orchestrated a $3.4m (DKK 19m/231,486 admissions) launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. ”Our market share this year will be between 15%-20%.”
Juul was informed about Sandrew Metronome’s new move Tuesday, and had no date for the exit from the Danish theatrical market. Neither did he know what would happen to Warner product in Denmark or his line-up from Danish suppliers, such as Nimbus Film, ASA and Thura.
Currently two new features are on the release schedule from the output deal with Nimbus, which produced Ole Christian Madsen’s Flame & Citron (Flammen og Citronen), reaching 700,000 local admissions. In its new set-up, Sandrew Metronome will handle DVD-distribution of its immense back catalogue.
Already in March 2010, Norway’s largest media concern, Schibsted – which bought the whole company in 2006 – announced it would not continue as a long term owner of Sandrew Metronome, as it is not part of the core activities of the group.”
CoB Göran E Larsson confirmed that Schibsted is still ”evaluating alternative solutions, including the sale of Sandrew Metronome. It is regrettable that we are now compelled to do further reorganisations, but unfortunately it is necessary … we are facing even greater changes in the future.”
Created in 1998 as a joint venture of Schibsted and Sweden’s Anders Sandrew Foundation, which came up with a 100-screen cinema circuit in Sweden and a full-window distribution, Sandrew Metronome operated in production, distribution and exhibition.
In 2005 it sold Sandrew’s cinema chain, to Triangel Film, and in 2006 its Danish (Warner-Metronome) screens to Nordisk Film. In 2007 it dismantled its Swedish production department, closing in-house production. – Although no date has been set, Sandrew Metronome’s theatrical outlets are expected to fade out first half of 2011.