Nordic distribution major Sandrew Metronome has won a court appeal against the decision of the Swedish State Board of Censors, which would have prevented children under the age of15 from seeing Steven Spielberg's AI: Artificial Intelligence.

As a result of the court ruling, the film now has an 11-rating which means children as young as seven can be admitted if accompanied by an adult. This is the same rating that the film got in neighbouring Denmark, while the British Board of Film Classification applied a 12-certificate to the film.

The Swedish censorship board is now considering a legal challenge to the AI ruling, on the grounds that a child psychologist was not consulted before the decision was reached. The Swedish board of censors was particularly surprised by the ruling as it had previously been accused of being too lenient in giving Scary Movie an 11-rating. This prompted the Swedish Government to cut the board's term of office from five to three years. Films like Pearl Harbor and The World Is Not Enough were also given an 11-rating.