The 13th Sarajevo Film Festival (Aug 17-25) has announced new plans for this year's regional co-production market CineLink, created in co-operation with Rotterdam's CineMart. For 2007, 15 out of 60 submitted new projects will participate and will be divided in two groups, CineLink and CineLink+.

CineLink includes 10 projects that will participate in a project development workshop, and then be presented at the Co-production market during the Sarajevo Film Festival. The first session starts on April 21 in Sarajevo.

The projects are:

Adrienn Pal, written by Agnes Kocsis and Andrea Roberti, director Agnes Kocsis, (Hungary)

Crayfish, by Ivan Cherkelov (Bulgaria)

Do Love Me, written by Napoleon Helmis and Dan Ratiu, director Napoleon Helmis (Romania)

Donkey, by Antonio Nuic, (Croatia/Bosnia and Herzegovina)

First Of All Felicia, written by Razvan Radulescu and Melissa de Raaf, director Razvan Radulescu (Romania)

Heaven On Earth, by Ognjen Svilicic, (Croatia)

Nobody Can't See You But You, by Matija Klukovic (Croatia)

Pace, Swallowed By The Sea, by Hrvoje Hribar (Croatia)

White, White World, written by Milena Markovic and Oleg Novkovic, director Oleg Novkovic (Serbia)

The Wind, by Didem Erayda (Turkey)

CineLink+ include five projects that due to various criteria will skip the workshop and will be presented straight at the Co-production Market in August. The projects are:

Follow My Ruin, by Erdem Reha (Turkey)

How I Was Stolen By The Germans, written by Misa Radivojevis, Vojislava Vojnovic and Svetozar Vlajkovic, director Misa Radivojevic, (Serbia)

Metastases, by Branko Schmidt, (Croatia)

Someone Else's Blood, by Ranko Bozic, Pjer Zalica and Djordje Milosavljevic, director Pjer Zalica, (Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Tree of Life, by Zoran Tadic, (Croatia)

From previous CineLink's selections, two projects have been screened at this year Berlinale, in Panorama and Forum selections - Gucha! by Serbian Dusan Milic and Armin by Croatian Ognjen Svilicic. Six former CineLink projects are currently in the phase of production and post-production.

In other Sarajevo news, the festival will welcome Taiwan-based director Tsai Ming-Liang for its 'Tribute to ' programme, which opens with his latest feature I Don't Want To Sleep Alone and short It's A Dream. Other films include 1994 Venice winner Vive L'Amour, All Corners Of The World, The River, Rebels Of The Neon God, The Wayward Cloud and documentary A Conversation With God. Tsai Ming-liang will come to Sarajevo together with the protagonist of all but one of his features, Lee Kang-shang.

In previous years, the festival hosted tributes to Abel Ferrara, Bela Tarr, Alexander Payne, Steve Buscemi, Mike Leigh, Stephen Frears, Gaspar Noe and Dusan Makavejev.