The Sarajevo Film Festival has announced its documentary competition programme, including nine world premieres.

The world premieres from Bosnia and Herzegovina include Nedzad Begovic's A Burdensome Job, about a mortician and a gravedigger; Semsudin Gegic's Ambassadors Learning Languages, about local children evacuated from an orphanage in 1992; Alen Drljevic's Esma, about a woman searching for her missing husband; Aldin Arnautovic's Fantazy, about war veterans; and Namik Kabil's The Interrogations, about life in post-war Bosnia;

Other documentaries having their world premieres in competition are Ismet Sijarina's homosexuality project Beyond The Rainbow from Kosovo; Marko Popovic's Echo from Serbia, about a Balkan psychiatric hospital; Sergej Kreso's Croatian project Grafiti Street about a reunited rock band; Hungarian anatomical artist documentary Human by Attila V. Nagy; and also from Hungary, Agota Varga's The Apple Of Our Eyes, about a blind couple with a young son.

International premieres are Branko Schmidt's Bad Blue Boys from Croatia; Crt Brajnik's Dying Silence from Slovenia; Nebojsa Slijepcevic's In 4 Years from Croatia; Nikola Strasek's I Will Kill You from Croatia; and Ivan Attila's The Beautiful Tisa and Other Matters. Regional premieres are Petar Oreskovic's Dead Man Walking from Croatia; Vladimir Perovic's Fisherman George Scatters The Gloom from Montenegro; Andrey Paounov's The Mosquito Problem And Other Stories from Bulgaria; Ileana Stanculescu's Village Of Socks from Romania; and the Bosnian premiere of Petra Seliskar's The Grandmothers Of The Revolution from Slovenia and Macedonia.

Programmer Rada Sesic said: 'What is the key word of this year's selection' I would say - Passion. There is no producer who would be able to pay the sweat, energy and numerous hours of work that each documentary maker invests in his/hers project, working in such a low budget conditions as we have in the region and achieving such good results.'