Romanian Corneliu Porumboiu's 12:08 East of Bucharest will openthe 12th Sarajevo Film Festival, the most important festival in the Balkan region.The film won the Camera D'Or at Cannes 2006.

This year's Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award goes to renowned UK filmand theatre director Mike Leigh. The award is given in recognition of theoutstanding contribution to the art of cinema and the support to the developmentof the Sarajevo Film Festival. Leigh previously attended the Sarajevo festivalin 2000, 2002 and 2004.

In previous years the festival has held tributes to many importantfilm-makers, notably Alexander Payne in 2005. This year, Sarajevo will hold twotributes, to Abel Ferrara and Bela Tarr. Both film-makers will be present.

In addition to its usual feature competition and many sidebarprogrammes, this year's festival will add an official competition for bestdocumentary, with cash prizes. The competition is open to Hungarian films forthe first time this year, in addition to films from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina,Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia andTurkey.

The festival also hosts the growing regional co-production marketCineLink.

The festival will take place from Aug 18-26 and will present some 200films.