Austrian director Ulrich Seidl will be honoured with the Sarajevo Film Festival's Tribute this year.

The Tribute programme includes features and documentaries Animal Love, Dog Days (Hundstage), Fun Without Limits, Jesus, You Know, Losses To Be Expected, and three Seidl segments from State Of The Nation : Austria In Six Chapters. Shorts are Brothers Let Us Be Merry and One-Forty.

His latest film Import/Export is also showing in Sarajevo 's competition.

Festival programmer Howard Feinstein said: 'Seidl takes the classic anarchist position, laying out contradictions without imposing a solution. To do so, he puts on the screen extremes of human behavior that few other filmmakers are willing to address, and that some viewers would prefer left in the closet. The 54-year-old Austrian director has made multiple documentaries and two fiction features. The boundaries are blurred. For example, he calls what happens in his docs 'staged reality,' instructing his subjects to repeat stories they have already told him; and his fiction characters are often nonprofessionals whose real-life roles are the same as those they play in the films. In both, he concentrates on marginals and eccentrics functioning as best they can in a twisted social order.'

The Sarajevo festival runs Aug 17-25.