The12th Sarajevo Film Festival (Aug 18-26) has announced further details of thisyear's programme.

Inaddition to the feature competition announced earlier this month, Sarajevo has announced the 19films in its documentary competition, including six from Bosnia and Herzegovina (see below). The documentary programme will offer a Heartof Sarajevo best documentary award for the first time this year, which willinclude a $3823 (Euros 3000) prize and the chance to participate in one of themajor international documentary pitching forums.

Thefestival will open with Corneliu Porumboiu's12:08 East Of Bucharest and will present almost200 feature, documentary and short films in severalprogrammes.

Sarajevo's Panorama programme alsounveiled its selections. The features will be Chan-WookPark's Sympathy For Lady Vengeance, Matias Bise's In Bed, John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus, BrunoDumont's Flanders, Danis Tanovic's Hell, Rodrigo Moreno's El Custodio,John Hillcoat's TheProposition, Rarnin Bahrani'sMan Push Cart, Toyoda Toshiaki's Hanging Garden, Jens Lien's The Bothersome Man, Pedro Almodovar's Volver, Michael Winterbottom andMat Whitecross' RoadTo Guantanamo, Michael Cuesta's TwelveAnd Holding and a significant number of works in Children's and New Currentsprogrammes.

Panarama documentaries include David Benchetrit's DearFather, Quiet, We're Shooting', Yoav Shamir's 5 Days,Laura Poitras' MyCountry, My Country, James Longley's Iraqin Fragments, Brian Hill's Songbirds,Memory Of The Camps by various directors,Susan De Sousa Dias' Still, Life,Portugal, and Pedro Gonzales-Rubio's BlackBull.

Thefestival's guest list this year includes RhuhelAhmed, Shafiq Rasul and Asif Iqbal, the men whose storiesare portrayed in The Road to Guantanamo and the film's co-director Mat Whitecross, Slovenian Gravehopping director Jan Cvitkovic, Abel Ferrara and Bela Tarr, guests of the Tribute to... programme, Emily Watsonand Danny Huston with The Proposition,Mike Leigh, recipient of the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award, Pieter Liechti, president of the jury for documentary competitionprogramme, Simon McBurney and JuergenTeller, curators of the Katrin CartlidgeFoundation, Rodrigo Moreno, director of the film El Custodio, Nick Nolte with Peaceful Warrior, CorneliuPorumboiu, Danis Tanovic with his latest Helland Jasmila Zbanic,director of Berlin winner Grbavica and president of the jury for feature filmcompetition programme.

Thefestival's regional co-production market CineLink(Aug 23-27), conceived in co-operation with Rotterdam's CineMart,will have its fourth edition this year with 11 projects.


Delta, dir: StanislavTomic, Croatia

The Second Generation (Druga Generacija), dir: AmirMuratovic, Slovenia

Two Sisters (Story About Love) (Dvije Sestre (Prica O Ljubavi)), dir: Dzemal Sabic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Egerszalok, dir: Laszlo Csaki and Szabolcs Palfi, Hungary

Europe Next Door (Evropa PrekoPlota), dir: Zelimir Zilnik, Serbia

Music Is The Art Of Time, LP Film Pankrti-No Fun (Glasba Je Casovna Umetnost, LP Film Pankrti- Dolgcajt), dir: Igor Zupe, Slovenia

Halid Bunic- The Eternal (HalidBunic- Vjecni), dir: Damir Janacek, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Statement 710399 (Izjava 710399), dir: Refik Hodzic, Bosnia and Herzegovina Carnival (Karneval), dir: Alen Drljevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Treasure Of Pecs City (Mecsek Kincse), dir: Marton Szirmai, Hungary

My Neighbour Tanja (Moja SusjedaTanja), dir: Petar Krelja, Croatia

Men AndDogs (Oameni Si Caini), dir: Nicolau Raymond, Romania

Crazy Camera (Otkacena Kamera), dir: Ratko Orozovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirror, Mirror (Pasqyre, Pasqyre), dir: Blerta Basholli,Kosovo

Chicken Elections (Pileci Izbori), dir: Goran Radovanovic, Serbia

The Dream Job (Posao Snova), dir: Danijela Majstorovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shuffle, dir: EdonRizvanolli and Ylber Mehmedaliu, Kosovo

Facing TheDay (Sto Sa Sobom Preko Dana), dir: Ivona Juka, Croatia

Vukovar- Final Cut (Vukovar- PoslednjiRez), dir: Janko Baljak, Serbia