The Sarajevo Film Festival'sregional co-production market CineLink has awarded funding to three projects. Each will receive $12,812 (Euros 10,000) in cash provided by partners and $3,203 (Euros 2,500) in services provided by Synchro Studio Vienna. The projects are awardedaccording to criteria of artistic potential and feasibility.

The Hubert Bals Fund awardwent to Bosnian Nedzad Begovic's The Day When The Winter Began. Romanian Catalin Mitulescu's A HeartShaped Baloon received the prize fromthe Bosnian Federal Television, while Slovenian Blaz Kutin's Lara received the Festival'sCineLink award.

This year, CineLink and itscontinual partner EAVE have announced co-operation with Austrian Filmfonds Wienand German Mitteldeutsche Medienforderung and MFG MedienforderungBaden-Wurttemberg who are offering scholarships to six producers from Centraland Southeast Europe to participate at 2007 EAVE workshops. One of thescholarships already went to Serbian Miroslav Mogorovic for his project FromBelgrade With Love.

Sarajevo Film Festivalpartners with EFA, CICAE and EDN (European Documentary Network) to help thefilm-makers from the region to get recognised in the rest of Europe. The EFA and distributor UIPgave honours to Slovenian Marko Santic's Good Luck Nedim, which also won the Heart of Sarajevo for the bestshort film. The film automatically qualifies for the EFA Award and will receive $3,203(Euros 2,500) from UIP.

CICAE awards one of thefilms from Competition Programme with distribution in the European Network ofIndependent Cinematography. This year, the award went to Romanian RaduMuntean's Paper Will Be Blue, whichalso won the Special Jury Prize.

Bosnian Dzemal Sabicreceived the European Documentary Network Talent Award for his first film Two Sisters(Story About Love).