French president Nicolas Sarkozy has reshuffled his cabinet with at least one key change affecting the entertainment business.

Sarkozy has appointmented Frederic Mitterrand, nephew of the late French president Francois Mitterrand, to the post of culture minister. Mitterrand will replace Christine Albanel who faced criticism over the hotly contested Creation and Internet anti-piracy law.

On Wednesday, newly appointed Justice minister Michele Alliot-Marie presented an updated version of that law to the council of ministers. The new proposal includes amendments to honor a recent decree by the Constitutional Council which, earlier this month, said that giving power to cut off Internet access to an independent administrative authority (HADOPI) flew in the face of human rights. Instead, the new proposal calls for a judicial and dissuasive response in order to punish copyright infringement.

The new version of the law authorizes agents of the HADOPI to document infractions and gather observations on the individuals concerned. Further, it allows the court system to use simplified methods with which to sanction individuals via swift and efficient procedures within the penal system that require only one judge.

According to Agence France Presse, the new proposal also includes sanctions which are adapted to the infractions. For example, infringement on authors’ rights or sub-rights could result in the suspension of Internet access.