Juan Villegas's Saturday and Peter Mullan's The Magdalene Sisters garnered top honours at the 13th annual Ljubljana International Film Festival, held in the Slovenian capital.

Villegas, an Argentine, won the festival's top award, the Kingfisher Award, worth Euros5,000. The award is given to the most promising first- or second- time director. Actress Mariana Anghileri, who stars in the comedy, was on hand to collect the award. Saturday is Villegas's feature debut.

The Magdalene Sisters won the audience award, the Golden Reel, guaranteeing Mullan's Irish drama a distribution deal for Slovenia.

The jury consisted of French actress Anna Karina, British film critic Neil Young, and Slovene film director Igor Sterk, judging the 18 films by first- or second-time directors that screened in the festival's Perspective section. The festival, which ran Nov. 11-24, saw over 40,000 admissions to 97 films.