Saudi financier Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal is in talks to invest in Rupert Murdoch's global satellite business, Sky Global Networks, according to the UK's Financial Times.

The prince already holds a 3% stake in Murdoch's News Corp, and is also an investor, along with Murdoch, in German media group Kirch.

Microsoft is also thought to be in talks to invest in Sky Global, but an attempt to bring on board France' Vivendi failed earlier this week (ScreenDaily, November 15). John Malone's Liberty Media has already committed to a 4.76% stake (ScreenDaily, September 30).

Murdoch is expected to float Sky Global at the beginning of next year, although various other scenarios are thought to be under consideration. These include a reverse takeover of Hughes Electronics, parent of US satellite operator DirecTV, which Murdoch considers the missing link in his global satellite network.

Sky Global's assets include News Corp's 38% stake in BSkyB, 100% of Asian platform Star, 30% of Sky Multi-Country Partners in Latin America and 10% of Japan's SkyPerfecTV.

  • As expected, AT&T is spinning off its Liberty Media subsidiary to help it meet regulatory promises made earlier this year when it bought cable company MediaOne. The move, approved by the AT&T board on Wednesday, comes three weeks after AT&T announced plans to reorganise itself into three separate business units.