Veteran Spanish director Carlos Saura will be the recipientof a lifetime achievement honour at December's European Film Awards.

The Awards will take place in Barcelona on December 11. "Inrecognition of his dedication to cinema, the European Film Academy takes greatpleasure in presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Carlos Saura in hisnative country," the organisation said in a statement.

His credits include internationally renowned works such asCannes jury prize-winners Cousin Angelica (1974) and Raise Ravens(1976), and Berlin best director Silver Bear winners The Hunt (1965) andPeppermint Frappe (1967). He is also well-known for musical films suchas Tango, nominated for the foreign-language Oscar in 1998, and Flamenco.

Saura's most recent film, the true story-inspired ruraldrama The Seventh Day (El Septimo Dia), opened in Spanish cinemas lastweekend.