The UK's Scala Productions has boarded Wounded, a dialogue-free feature from new UK production outfit Kaos Films.

A contemporary thriller set in the wilds of North America, the film is produced by Arif Hussein and Piers Jackson, who was previously head of development and production at Screen Production Associates.

"Basically, two guys go fishing," says Hussein. "One is killed and the other survives."

Scala will co-produce the film, expected to start shooting later this year or early 2003. Despite being entirely dialogue-free the film, written by newcomer A.H. Qureshi, will include full sound. Says Hussein: "In all the research we've done, there hasn't been a dialogue-free movie since silent days."

"It's one of those rare and distinctive screenplays that combines great writing with strong commercial potential," Scala's Nik Powell said in a statement. "And because of its rarity and distinctiveness, it presents a real challenge for all involved."

Kaos Films, which also operates the British Short Screenplay Competition, has recently secured the rights to its second project, a high concept thriller called Hero. The outfit is currently negotiating rights for its third project.