One of HBO's mostsenior executives Steve Scheffer is seguing into a consultancy role from hiscurrent position as president, Film Programming, Video and Enterprises.

Scheffer, who hasbeen at the US cable giant since 1980 when he joined as vice president, filmprogramming, was instrumental in developing the company's film acquisition anddistribution structures. He was promoted to executive vice president, filmprogramming and home video, in 1983 and to his current position in 1995 when hewas also given responsibility for HBO Enterprises.

Scheffer, now 67,will continue as internal consultant for the company, reporting directly toBill Nelson, HBO COO, and will focus on ancillary businesses and other specialprojects.

Scheffer'sdeparture leads to a minor reshuffle within the group.

Film programming,led by Doris Casap, senior vice president, film programming, will now report toBruce Grivetti, executive vice president, business affairs and production.

HBO Video led byHenry McGee and HBO Enterprises led by Charles Schreger (president,international distribution) will now report directly to Nelson.

Film development,led by Bob Conte, senior vice president, creative affairs, film development,will now report to Colin Callender, president of HBO Films.