Danish filmmaker Lone Scherfig is to follow on from her successful Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself with another two English language features.

What Wayne Didn't Know and Waltzing Griselda will be shot simultaneously next summer in Scotland, and buyers attending MIFED will be the first to have a chance to read scripts, presented by Trust Film Sales.

Sisse Graum Olsen (Wilbur, Dear Wendy) produces both films for Zentropa with Sigma Film's Gillian Berrie (Wilbur) co-producing and Peter Aalbaek Jensen acting as executive producer. The estimated total budget is $7.7m (DKR50m).

Scherfig again co-wrote the scripts with the prolific Anders Thomas Jensen (Wilbur, The Green Butchers, Open Hearts). "Love and violence is the basic premise of these two films, which take place during the same summer, in the same town and involve the same gallery of characters, but differ in terms of genre," says Scherfig about the films, which are described as a drama and a comedy-drama.

"Orville and Wayne each carry their individual film. They have known each other since childhood and now that they are in their early thirties, they have become colleagues. The two friends go through their own love story without being particularly aware of what the other person is going through."

However, the writer-director, who won a Silver-Bear for her international box-office hit Italian For Beginners, promises that the films can be seen and released separately, but if viewed in succession a synergetic effect will arise.