Good, a feature adaptation of C P Taylor's acclaimedplay about an otherwise moral professor who formulates Hitler's FinalSolution, is to shoot on location in Berlin this summer.

Danish director LoneScherfig, a regular at the Berlin International Film Festival, will shoot the film in Potsdam, central Berlin andthe city's Olympic stadium, built for the Nazi Olympics in 1936. Frenchsales house Celluloid Dreams this week boarded theEnglish-language film, which is a co-production between the UK'sTailor-Made Films and Axiom Films and Germany's Studio Hamburg International Production.

John Wrathall'sscreenplay tells the story of the vacillating John Halder, a sensitive,neurotic professor sucked into the Third Reich after writing a treatise on thesocial benefits of euthanasia. The filmmakers will recreate Auschwitz in theirportrayal of how Halder fails to recognize the mounting evil around him.

Miriam Segal, who developedthe project at Tailor-Made, said it was crucial to come to Berlin for a senseof the atmosphere in 1933. "We want a real feeling of a city that seemedon the surface an exciting place to be," she said.

Scherfig, whose creditsinclude Italian For Beginners andWilbur Wants to Kill Himself, has "a lightness of touch in a very darksubject", Segal added. "Her ability tobreathe life into her characters and into their relationships with such asubtle touch, and her flair for finding both the bitter and the sweet inevery situation, made her the definitive choice todirect Good."

Studio Hamburg's Stuart Pollok added: "For Studio Hamburgit's not just about providing production services but also about securingproduction finance. Being involved in Good shows a commitment toEuropean cinema for a worldwide audience: German subject matter, Danishdirector, English language."