Lone Scherfig isshooting in Denmark again for the first time since making her 2000 dogma hit Italian For Beginners. She will be onthe island of Funen working on a project entitled Hjemve, which can be translated as "longing for home" although anofficial international title hasn't been set yet. The film will premiere inDenmark in March 2007.

Scherfig had bowedout of directing the Lars von Trier scripted Nietzsche - The Early Years to shoot international production Good, set to star Hugh Jackman. Butafter that project's financing fell through, she has returned to film-making inher homeland.

The story of Hjemve follows six men in a small town,with a script co-written with local comic and singer Niels Hausgaard. Scherfigwill shoot the film in chronological order, allowing for the opportunity toimprovise and rewrite the story as the shoot progresses.

Zentropa veteranSisse Graum Jorgensen is producing.

The cast includes Italian for Beginners actors AnnEleonora Jorgensen and Lars Kaalund with Peter Gantzler and Bodil Jorgensen. AnthonyDod Mantle will serve as cinematographer.