The UK's top 20 films were collectively up 15% compared to last weekend largely due to school half-term holidays and added awareness from the London Film Festival.

Over the weekend, the top 20 generated $20.3m from 4,450 screens despite only four new entrants. For the full UK chart click here.

Horror flick Saw IV came in at number two with a $5.1m (£2.3m) take from 393 screens for a $13,016 (£6,318) site average. Lionsgate's fourth instalment of the franchise managed surpass its predecessor, Saw III, which opened in the same weekend last year to $4.7m from 373 sites.

David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises opened at number four over the weekend with a $1.2m (£623,491) take from 280 screens. The thriller, released through Pathe Distribution, had a $4,587 (£2,227) site average. It stars Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts.

Michael Moore's documentary Sicko, which examines the US health care system, opened to $321,741 (£156,013), barely making the top 10. The film, distributed through Optimum Releasing, played across 166 sites for a $1,938 (£941) site average.

But new Bollywood film Jab We Met opened strongly at the weekend, taking $321,411 (£156,013) from just 34 sites. Studio 18's teen romance entered at number 11 and boasted an impressive $9,453 (£4,589) site average, the fourth highest of the weekend. The film represents the biggest UK opening for its star Shahid Kapoor (of Fool N Final and Vivah).

Ratatouille continues to hold on firmly to the top slot in the UK over the weekend. The Disney/Pixar animation was up 17%, generating $7.4m (£3.5m) from 525 sites. It has a $35.7m tally after just three weeks on release.

Matthew Vaughn's Stardust dropped one place to number three but was still up 4%. The fantasy adventure, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes, took $4.8m (£2.3m) from 454 sites for a $10,584 (£5,138) site average. It has generated more than $14m after two weeks on release and is distributed through Paramount Pictures International (PPI).

Rendition, released through Entertainment Film Distributors, fell marginally by 6% to number five. The thriller, starring Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, grossed $1.1m ((£0.54) from 320 sites. It has a $3.4m (£1.6m) tally after two weeks.

Ben Stiller starrer The Heartbreak Kid fell 25% to number six with a $710,591 (£344,921) take. PPI's comedy, directed by the Farrelly Brothers, played across 307 sites for a $2,315 (£1,124) site average. It has generated more than $9m after four weeks on release.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Resident Evil: Extinction dropped 42% to number seven. The third instalment of the sci-fi franchise took $517,559 (£251,223) from 291 sites for a $4.9m (£2.3m) total to date.

David Schwimmer's local success Run, Fat Boy, Run still remains in the top 10. The Simon Pegg comedy, released through Entertainment Film Distributors, was at number eight and took $462,233 (£224,368) from 190 sites. It boasts a $21.8 (£10.5m) tally after eight weeks on release.

Twentieth Century Fox's The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising dropped 23% to number nine over the weekend. The family adventure took $341,671 (£165,847) from 372 sites. It has generated $1.3m (£660,006) in two weeks.

Elsewhere in the chart, Nancy Drew was up 9% with a $305,632 (£148,354) take while Daddy Day Camp increased by 11%, generating $151,531 (£73,553) over the three-day period.

The top 20 films in the UK from October 26-28 were up 19% compared to the same period last year.

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