Screen this week makes a number of improvements to both its ScreenDaily 24-hour global website and the weekly magazine Screen International.

The website has been upgraded with a range of new services, complementing its already unrivalled news service.

Editor Michael Gubbins said the changes were organic, reflecting the growth of the international market.

'These changes build on a process of evolution that, for us, has been going on for more than 30 years. The international film market is not some new fad or a recently discovered add-on to other areas of the entertainment business. It's a market that has been growing for years and we have always evolved with it.'

The heart of the ScreenDaily service remains the same - reporting and explaining trends in the market. But there is now more emphasis on analysis, depth and data.

'We hope existing readers will enjoy the changes and new ones will see the importance of a site that remains exclusively dedicated to the international business,' said Gubbins.

The new-look Screen International will appear for the first time on Friday.