ScreenInternational is partnering with the Starz Denver Film Festival to present thethe Krzysztof Kieslowski Award for Best Feature Film, a juried award presentedannually at the festival to a feature-length fiction film that reflects theartistic sensibilities of the late Polish director.''

The 29th StarzDenver Film Festival, produced by the Denver Film Society will this year takeplace Nov 9 -19.'

The DenverInternational Film Festival, in its early years, gained a reputation within theinternational film community for showcasing, on a regular basis, EasternEuropean cinema and playing host to Eastern European directors. In 1988,Kieslowski received a major tribute at the festival, and the following year thedirector's Dekalogreceived its US Premiere in Denver.

The KrzysztofKieslowski Award for Best European Film was established under the auspices ofthe Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in 1997 and in collaborationwith the widow of the late director.

A jury ofcritics gave the first Kieslowski award to a film which had been largelyoverlooked in the American market: Bertrand Tavernier's Capitaine Conan. Last year's award went to Polishdirector Krzysztof Krauze for My Nikifor. ''All new feature-length films produced withinthe past 18 months and without US distribution are eligible for the award.

The finalistsare selected by the Denver Film Society programming staff and the winner isselected by an international jury. Mike Goodridge, US editor of ScreenInternational, will chair the jury.

"We aredelighted that Screen International will join the Starz Denver Film Festival inhonoring the best of world cinema in the presentation of the prestigiousKrzysztof Kieslowski Award for Best Feature Film," said festival founder andartistic director Ron Henderson.

"Kieslowski hasa long and significant relationship with the Denver festival. When he diedunexpectedly in 1996, he had emerged as one of the most internationallycelebrated filmmakers in the world. He was, in the best sense of the word, acinematic poet. His spirit is embodied in this annual award and, together withScreen International, will be celebrated every year at the Denver FilmFestival."

"It's a thrillfor Screen to be associated with both the Starz Denver Film Festival and withthis particular award," added Goodridge. "Denver is one of the most establishedfestivals in the US and its support of the great Krzysztof Kieslowski's workover the years indicates the festival's dedication to bold and brilliant film-makers. This award is a perfect fit for Screen in that it introduces excitingworld cinema and talented international film-makers to domesticaudiences."''

The Denver FilmSociety will be posting updates about the Starz Denver Film Festival throughoutthe summer and fall. Finalists for the 2006 Krzysztof Kieslowski Award for BestFeature Film will be announced in October.''

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