Screen International’s top 10 films worldwide this weekend.

Date Night

 Global Top 10 - April 09-11  
 TitleGross $Scrs
1Clash Of The Titans80,505,65910,431
2How To Train Your Dragon51,208,03611,209
3Date Night 32,255,5104,990
4Alice In Wonderland23,738,5949,217
5The Bounty Hunter11,589,0555,471
6The Last Song 11,427,3482,945
7Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?11,017,3792155
8Shutter Island8,512,4993,787
9Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang 6,419,2772124
10Hot Tub Time Machine5,431,0212611

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*Source: Screen International; Rentrak EDI. Based on North American and international box-office charts.