The International Screenwriters' Festival has launched the fourth edition of its successful pitching competition.

Its 4Talent-backed 2009event-Son of the Pitch -allows individuals to pitch their concept for a film or TV drama of any genre to a panel of leading industry professionals live on stage.

The competition will run until October 31with 10 finalists selected to come to the festivalnext year.

More than 1,600 entrants took part inlast year's competition. 2008's winners, Martin Gunn, Elena Fuller and Simon Sayce have already been interviewed by major companies such as Film4 and are now in talks to develop their scripts.

The International Screenwriters festival takes place in the UK town of Cheltenham.

Starting tomorrow. ScreenDaily will look back at one of the most successful events to be established in recent years.

For further details and application forms, click here.