Writer/director Sean Ellishas started principal photography for his second feature, The Broken.

As previously reported, LenaHeadey stars and the cast also includes Richard Jenkins, Melvil Poupaud, UlrichThomsen, Michelle Duncan and Asier Newman.

The psychological horrorfilm will shoot for seven weeks. Headey plays a woman who thinks she seesherself drive past in her own car on a busy London street. Her reality turns more nightmarish.

Ellis previously made thefeature Cashback, based on hisOscar-nominated short of the same name.

Lene Bausager is producingfor Left Turn Films, as a UK-French co-production with Gaumont. Gaumont CEOFranckChorot is executive producer.

"Horror films have been thelost genre for the past ten years," says Ellis, a former fashion photographer."Technology has led the genre away from its roots but special effects can neverreplace what a good horror has always been about. The idea of horror is alwaysmore powerful than the actual...The slow invasion of Gina's family and therising stakes on her sanity combine with the idea that horror has a physicalidentity."

Gaumont's Chorot added: "Afterpicking up worldwide rights to Sean Ellis' Cashback,our intention was not just to make a coup but to establish a long term relationshipwith Sean and Lene." Gaumont releases Cashbackin France on Jan 17.