The Seattle InternationalFilm Festival (SIFF) has named Ching Ip as the recipient of the first annualAlpha Cine Filmmaker Award for her feature film See You Off The The Edge OfTown. Ip's film will receive afree transfer to 35mm and a gala world premiere screening of the new printduring the final week of this year's festival (May 23-June 16).

Ip was selected from morethan 60 digital, Super 16mm and 35mm feature film submissions from around theworld. The prize package is valued at $100,000. Alpha Cine Labs in Seattle willtransfer the film under the supervision of digital supervisor Bruno George. Theaward includes preprocessing and correction of material, a timed answer printand a composite release print, complete with titles.

The jurors for the inauguralaward were Darryl Macdonald, director of SIFF, independent producer/journalistKathleen McInnis, Richard T Jameson, a writer and former editor of Film Commentand Bruno George himself.