With One Life Stand impressing festival-goers at Edinburgh this year, independent digital film-making is making further inroads into the UK with a London theatrical release for Second Generation using digital projection.

Made by newcomer Shane O'Sullivan, the £20,000 digital feature follows a Chinese girl who escapes an arranged marriage and comes to London searching for her rock idol, Bobby Gillespie. The film will be projected digitally with a 12K Barco DLP projector when it opens at the ABC Piccadilly on November 17th.

The move means O'Sullivan has taken Second Generation from script to screen for £27,000 and avoided a costly blow-up to 35mm. "Digital distribution makes a theatrical release more accessible to independent producers with smaller, specialised films," O'Sullivan said.

O'Sullivan is distributing the film through production company Second Generation Films. It stars Japanese pop artist Lili Hanayo and features veteran actor Saeed Jaffrey.