First clues released for Secret Cinema’s upcoming 19th production.

Oak Hampton

“There is a storm coming, but we have hope and beauty.”

That’s the intriguing message released today for the upcoming Secret Cinema production, which takes place at a secret central London location from Oct 31-Dec 2.

Having enjoyed great success with their last month-long production of Prometheus, a production that converted a warehouse into a futuristic spaceship for a month and attracted over 25,000 BNV employees including, bravely, Screen, Secret Cinema’s 19th production was announced earlier this month with tickets already selling out for the scheduled 31-show run (further tickets will be released tomorrow at 1pm). And all this before even a hint of a clue was released.

That’s changed now though as, alongside the opening message, the upcoming production is said to see Secret Cinema working with “The State of Oak Hampton” to “clamp down on vicious crimes through investigation and punish the thought as well as the offense”. Alongside this, a meteorological station will be set up in London to “trace the skies and bring daily reports to our contenders and offenders”.

As part of this production, Secret Cinema is also inviting established artists and graduates to submit work to be incorporated into the performance space, forming artwork that will relate to the themes and subject of the production. Anyone interested can email them here.

We’d like to pretend that we don’t have an inkling of what the film is purely because we want to be surprised on the day and won’t investigate further as a result.

In reality, it’s because we haven’t got a clue - and that’s all part of the fun.