Germany's Senator Film has boarded Thomas Vinterberg's $10m English-language debut, It's All About Love, as German co-producer. The UK's FilmFour and Italy's Key Films are also co-producing the project, set to shoot in New York next spring.

While Senator and Key are taking rights for their respective territories, FilmFour is handling English-language sales on the film and Zentropa's Trust Film Sales is selling the rest of the world.

The film is being produced by Birgitte Hald of Denmark's Nimbus Film who also produced Vinterberg's acclaimed Dogme title The Celebration (Festen).

"As with The Celebration, we have insisted on full creative control for Thomas, yet still people have shared our vision and wanted to come on board," said Hald. "We are now getting offers from the rest of Europe as well."

Scripted by Vinterberg and regular collaborator Mogens Rukov, It's All About Love is the story of two separated lovers - one a world famous ice skater disillusioned with her celebrity - who are reunited in New York and travel through America in an attempt to rebuild their relationship.

In a complete departure from the Dogme vow of chastity, the film will create a magical near-future world which includes global freezing and the disappearance of gravity in Uganda.

The project will shoot in New York and studios in Scandinavia, most likely Trollhattan in Sweden, from spring 2001.