Senator International hascompleted multiple sales on its romance drama XX/XY which played in dramatic competition at the SundanceFilm Festival last year. Optimum Releasing has bought UK rights, Lola Films hasbought Spain, Mediafilm SPA has bought Italian and Belga Films has boughtBenelux. IFC Films has domestic distribution on the film which will be releasedon April 11.

The film stars Mark Ruffalowhose credits include You Can Count On Me and the upcoming In The Cutand Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. He plays a man who cannot commit to his college girlfriend (MayaStange) but who falls in love with her again after a chance meeting ten yearslater. Austin Chick wrote and directed XX/XY.

Other distributors whichbought the picture are Village Roadshow for Greece and Cyprus,Medyavizyion/Associated for Turkey, LNK for Portugal, Pro Vision forex-Yugoslavia, Prooptiki for Bulgaria and Romania, Showtime for Australia andGulf Film for the Middle East.