German independent distributor Senator is to offer digital cinema copies of its new films to allcinemas equipped with DLP Cinema Projectors.

"Senator is thereby the first German film distributor to offer its completeslate of movies for digital projection," declared Managing Director BenjaminHerrmann.

The announcement heralds a new era for the company,which last year was declared insolvent, but was saved in October 2005 by a German-USgroup of investors Cologne-based lawyer Helge Sasse and LA-based independent producer Marco Weber. Theduo struck a deal with Deutsche Bank and acquired a majority 50.1% interest inSenator.

Senator and its distribution subsidiary Central Filmare currently working with XDC one of the leading pioneers in European digitalcinema. XDC has financed the digital projectors and CineStore'servers.

"We know that digital exhibition attracts moviegoers and thus leads to higher income at the box office," saidSvenAndresen,Head of Distribution at Central Film. Digital Cinema offerssuperb picture quality, which remains constant throughout the duration of itsrun, unlike print which can be susceptible to corruption.

The first Senator films, that XDC will master thedigital copies of are: Rohtenburgwith Thomas Kretschmann, Reine Formsache with ChristianePaul and Bastian Pastewka, the animated sequel Das Kleine Arschloch Und Der Alte Sack and Specialwith Til Schweiger.