In the overall41% decline of the Serbian-Montenegrin market last weekend, mostly due topresidential elections that took place on Sunday, Kill Bill Vol. 2 failed to beat the two frontrunners of the pastthree weeks.

Selling 2,576admissions for the weekend and another 885 at previews, the latest offeringfrom Quentin Tarantino earned a total of $11,811 for Pro Vision.

Troy has kept the pole position even after five weeks, attracting 8,755spectators to add to the cumulative gross of $582,139 for Tuck. The samedistributor's Day After Tomorrow hasalso kept second place on the chart and now has a cume of $170,634.

The only otheropener besides Kill Bill Vol. 2, theNorwegian Kitchen Stories sold a mere81 admissions and grossed $534 for MFC, the former Megacom.