After having changed itstitle from Civil Life (Civilni Zivot) to Fall Into Paradise! (Pad U Raj) just a couple of days before its premiere, Milos Radovic'ssecond feature kept the pole position at the Serbian-Montenegrin chart.

The story of a Serbian blackmarket king who shoots down an American plane with a rocket launcher during theNATO bombing in 1999 and captures the pilot played by British actor SimonLyndon sold another 6,892 admissions in its second weekend and weighs in with atotal of $88,789 for Pro Vision.

Its direct competitor,Radivoje Andric's When I Grow Up I'll Be A Kangaroo has attracted 7,453 spectators, but due to loweradmission price went to number two and has cumulative gross of $499,981 in itssixth weekend.

Millennium's ThePassion Of The Christ stillperforming well in the Orthodox territory, placed at third with 6,749 ticketsin its fourth weekend and total gross of $226,436.

Tuck opened with TakingLives at the fourth place with 2,541spectators and $11,556, while the same distributor's Scooby Doo 2:Monsters Unleashed is at the fifth inits second weekend with 2,218 admissions and total of $31,003.

Girl With A Pearl Earring opened at sixth for Delta Video, having sold 1,095tickets for the total gross of $21,275 including screenings at FEST.

Tuck's trio of SecretWindow (955 admissions, total of$24,485), Peter Pan (637 tickets,$46,616) and Something's Gotta Give (314 admissions, $92,520) closes the top ten, interrupted by RobberyOf The Third Reich in eighth positionwith 929 spectators in its 11th weekend and a gross of $820,226 in a 11% jump forMirius