This week marks the return of the greatest local hit ever, last year's Zamfir's Zona which has already attracted over 1.5 million admissions.

The film's re-release achieved fifth place with 5,281 admissions, of which some 3,000 came from its second premiere at the newly-launched open-air cinema at the Tashmaidan swimming pool in Belgrade.

Zona is now on release on 19 prints (the widest release ever in the territory) increasing its incredible $2m-plus box office for distributor Mirius.

Meanwhile, Daddy Day Care remained at the top of the Serbian box office this week with a 10% rise (12,082 admissions), making a total of $51,804 in two weeks for distributor Tuck, which also saw Kangaroo Jack open in sixth with 2,399 admissions ($5,277) from five prints.