Already the most successful local film ever, Zamfir's Zona took another huge step forward this week with an incredible 76% rise, putting it in second place by admissions (9,722) after Daddy Day Care's 12,025. Apparently, Serbs and Montenegrins are still only interested in this particular product. However, due to significantly lower ticket price, it came in fourth in terms of revenues.

Eddie Murphy remains unbeatable in Serbia And Montenegro for three weeks in a row, with a decline of only 8% and a total of $77,000 from 34,918 admissions.

In spite of negative reviews, but thanks to a witty marketing campaign by distributor Mirius, which also handles Zona, Fanfan La Tulipe pushed T3 down a position and entered the chart in second place with 5,325 admissions - a little less than T3, but with a higher average ticket price.