Three week in a row champion LXG remains at the top of the chart despite competition last weekend from Bad Boys II and Matchstick Men, from the same distributor Tuck.

Bad Boys sold 4,208 tickets to and Matchstick Men's 2,712 over the weekend, garnering $9,385 and $7,960 respectively, not enough to unseat LXG which added another $10,553 to total $86,487 in three weeks. However, the new pretenders, with some help from Vans' Lara Croft sequel, pushed Delta Video's Loving Glances down to the fifth position. The local favourite took an unexpected fall of 48% this weekend to sell only 2,899 admissions for a total of $39,658, quite puny for a domestic product in its third weekend.

Two other openers, both arthouse titles opened on one screen each. Pro Vision's Italian Callas Forever and Delta Video's Croatian Nice Dead Girls succeeded in selling only 633 and 216 tickets respectively. Nice Dead Girls, directed by Dalibor Matanic, is a dark tragicomedy of petty hatreds and violent desire about two lesbians who rent a room in Croatia's capital Zagreb from a pushy landlady that tries to set one of them up with her son, unaware of the pair's sexuality. It stars Olga Pakalovic, Nina Violic and Inge Apelt.