Milos Radovic's Small World (Mali Svet) opened this prolonged weekend with 15,757 admissions, grossing $48,547 from Thursday to Sunday for distributor Delta Video, thanks to a high average admission price.

The local road comedy, featuring some of the most popular Serbian actors, and winner of several awards at the Sarajevo Film Festival beat Pirates Of The Caribbean - which sold 9,386 tickets and grossed $23,706 for Bandur in the same period.

The two newcomers are followed in the chart by three releases from Tuck, Bad Boys II, LXG and Matchstick Men and two earlier local productions: the unexpectedly underachieving Loving Glances which has earned $56,833 in four weeks also for Delta Video, and The Professional which has now played for 21 weeks and has so far grossed $450,574 for Vans.