As 2003 comes to an end, the domination of local product is starting to weaken, except for the current absolute favourite Small World, which remained in second position in its eighth weekend. Despite a 45% decline, the road comedy has now grossed a total of $422,083.

Two releases by Tuck, Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World and Mystic River opened in the top 3. The Russell Crowe vehicle sold 8,960 tickets over the weekend, with total gross of $29,263, including previews. Clint Eastwood's latest sold 3,465 tickets and thanks to a higher ticket price outperformed Pro Vision's Spy Kids 3D which sold 4,229 tickets.

There is still a lot of activity to come at the end of the year: this year's Montreal winner local Goran Markovic's Cordon - about the 1996/97 protest against Milosevic's regime officially opens on Dec 4, preceded by previews which started on Dec 2 .

This year's Sarajevo winner Pjer Zalica's Fuse also pens and should not be counted out as it concerns Serbian-Montenegrin audiences almost as much as Bosnian ones.