No big news at the Serbian-Montenegrin market in the second weekend of 2004. Tuck is on top with Return Of The King which sold another 15,328 admissions to total of 138,459 and massive cumulative gross of $533,135 in only three weeks.

The same distributor successfully opened with Mona Lisa Smile in second position with 7,412 tickets for the weekend and total of $29,999 in revenues.

Pro Vision follows with Bosnian hit Fuse (1,892 admissions, total gross $99,382), Scary Movie 3 and Spy Kids 3D which returned to top 5 in its ninth weekend with a 35% rise and 1,152 admissions for the weekend and now weighs a total of $68,051.

Pro Vision also opened with View From The Top, selling only 402 tickets to reach the 12th position. The rest of top ten is populated by Tuck's releases Looney Tunes: Back In Action, Master And Commander: Far Side Of The World, Mystic River and Medallion, excluding Human Stain which kept the ninth position for Mirius with 504 admissions and total of $23,566 in revenues.

The greatest local hit of the last year, Small World finally dropped out of the top ten after 14 weeks with 550 tickets which is more than two releases above it sold, but at a higher average ticket price. The local road comedy now totals $526,225.