The trio at the top of the Serbian-Montenegrin chart has not changed since the last weekend in spite of two new openers.

The Return Of The King still reigns with 10,292 admissions for the weekend and now has grossed a total of $589,531 and Mona Lisa Smile is holding strong after selling another 6,725 tickets to gross a cumulative $58,638.

Bosnian Fuse has jumped a whole 50% since the last weekend with 3,127 tickets and is proving to be a hit outside its own territory (if you can consider countries of former Yugoslavia different territories, sharing similar cultural millieu and language) with a total of $107,967.

Ad campaigns for the two openers obviously did not impress the audiences; Pro Vision's My Boss' Daughter sold only 1,605 tickets to earn $4,604, while Continental's Texas Chainsaw Massacre did pretty good considering its narrow genre appeal and only three prints on release: $4,061 from 1,359 tickets for the fourth position at the chart.