The Robbery Of The Third Reich, Serbian buddy-comedy about two petty thieves trying to make it in WW2 Berlin has practically robbed the market. Its 55,178 admissions for the three-day weekend is the biggest opening since Zamfir's Zona in November 2002, the highest-ever grossing film in the territory.

The two local blockbusters share the same production company Dream Company, the same director Zdravko Sotra and most of the cast, as well as the distributor Mirius.

Adding the previews that started on Wednesday, the film sold 88,874 admissions to earn $256,958. Released on 24 prints, unprecedented in the territory, it is not impossible that Robbery will surpass Zona's incredible 1.08m tickets and $2m gross.

With this record, the rest of the chart becomes practically insignificant. Knowing that Robbery will open, none of the distributors risked their releases this weekend. The Last Samurai is in second position with total gross of $268,398 from 90,356 admissions in four weeks for Tuck. Love Actually from Cinears and Gothika and Good Boy! from Tuck end the list of films which sold over 1,000 tickets for the weekend.